ROB Technologies at LIGNA 2017

ROB Technologies is guest at the booth of Güdel AG, Pavillon 36 Robotation Academy.

There we will present software solutions in the field of automated production of non-standardized timber constructions.

The right software solutions plays a decisive role in enabling an efficient use of robots and CNC machines for the production of small batch sizes and customer-specific elements. 

To enable an economical digital production of individual components, a direct link between planning and production data is indispensable. An example of this is the simulation and control software for the multifunctional portal robot WoodFlex 56 of Güdel AG. Processing, assembly and handling instructions for the portal robot are generated directly from the BTLx planning data. This means that it is not necessary to reprogram the machine for new or modified production tasks. 

These and other software solutions, such as the new BTLx Editor, will be presented in Hanover. We look forward to your visit.

For more information and to receive free tickets please follow this link.