Intuitive Process Programming

Quickly adapt to changing production batches. Our software facilitates a fast, flexible and cost-efficient manufacturing of individually tailored foam packaging. Simply define and fine tune robotic gluing paths, for example, through drawing.


The packaging industry has to adapt its production quickly and flexible to the individual requirements of changing product batches. Many repetitive tasks are often performed manually, because batch sizes are too small to justify the complex and time consuming reprogramming common to traditional robotic automation. Our software solutions enable the people on the shop floor to intuitively programme the robot. Through this approach, individual and specific process know-how of the operator can be integrated directly into the automatic fabrication process. At the same time the operator – freed from repetitive tasks – can perform more sophisticated jobs.



URStudio is a modular software environment for off- and online programming of Universal Robots offering bi-directional communication.

Collaborative robots, like, e.g., Universal robots are ideally suited for flexible use on the shop floor, because their setup is easy and they require no additional safety measures. Combined with our software URStudio you can easily perform accurate path planning, e.g., for gluing applications.



Programming through Drawing

Manually draw movement paths for the robot to follow once, and replay as often as you like.


One option to intuitively programme the robot – independent of your personal experience and know-how – is to guide the robot through drawing. Using a tablet device, you can simply sketch the paths for the robot to follow with a stylus pen and follow the same implicit logic you would when manually applying, e.g. glue. If required, the digitised paths can then be fine-tuned and parameters like, e.g., acceleration and speed can be defined. The such created programme is saved in a database and can be run autonomously by the robot as often as necessary.


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